Fuctional Flavour

If you're looking for a way to enhance your product's flavor without adding unwanted fat or salt, consider using one of taj Exim's 'Functional Flavours'. These flavors can help mask undesirable tastes, improve mouthfeel, and assist in the blending of flavors. Whether you're looking to eliminate a beany aftertaste or reduce bitterness, taj Exim has a flavor that can help.

Available Items

Masking flavour

For complete masking, of beany, off and astringent flavour notes products like soy,powders, pea powder, stevia and high protein dairy powders. Create an overall better flavour profile.


Reduction of bitter notes, decrease in sugar and sweetner products.


Create a richer mouthfeel with longer lasting flavour notes. These flavours help assist your product’s in the infusion of contrasting flavours in.

Savoury Flavours

Create those savoury/umami flavour notes. These flavours have the ability to reduce or replace MSG and lower salt content.